XL Bow Baby Girl Headband - Sping Collection

$ 24

When it comes to your little baby girl, nothing is too much and having cute little accessories that make her look even more beautiful and keep her comfy are must haves in any parent kit. That is why we have designed the special colorful headbands: cute and stylish, these accessories will be a delight for your daughter, no matter her age. Why should you purchase this item? Because it a soft and comfy accessory for your little girl that all babies should wear. Made form a stretchy nylon material, these headbands will expand to your baby size, so your daughter can wear the cute bow as she is growing. Enjoy a stylish and comfy accessory for your baby girl with the special headband set! Some of the amazing features of this product:</strong. Set of two headbands. Made of nylon material.Soft comfortable. Stretchy comfortable.Universal size. Multiple colors available. Unique baby shower gift. Classic bow.

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